“Knees 4 Skis”

“Knees 4 Skis”

Do you want to get your knees ready to enjoy skiing this winter? Are you interested in how to avoid knee injuries, or how to return to skiing after a knee injury? Then this is the talk at the Thrive Health and Wellness Festival is for you! Dr. Mark Heard from Banff Sport Medicine will enthusiastically share his love of skiing as well as what he has learned from over 25 years of preventing and treating knee injuries in ski athletes. Dr. Heard will be joined by Lynne Richardson, local Physiotherapist from Rocky Mountain Rehab & Sports Medicine Clinic. Lynne will combine her personal ski racing and physiotherapy knowledge to share some valuable advice to get you ready for ski season.

The Thrive Health and Wellness Festival takes place in Canmore October 25th – 28th!

Fellowship Offered in Sport Medicine and Arthroscopic Reconstruction of the Knee and Shoulder

Banff Sport Medicine, in affiliation with the University of Calgary Section of Orthopaedics, is pleased to offer a fellowship in Sport Medicine and Arthroscopic Reconstruction of the Knee and Shoulder. The program is based in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Currently, this program is designed around a 1-year fellowship, and is open to all graduates of Canadian Orthopaedic programs, as well as any international institutions which meet the training criteria. Graduates of Canadian programs and self-funded applicants will be given preference. Read More>